Vintage Home Goods

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Large Woven Basket with Handles
Set of Short Candlesticks
Stone Bowl & Fruit
Wooden Base Wicket Basket
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Woven Shallow Rattan Basket
Heart Stamped Brass Basket
Brass Maple Leaf Candlestick
Set of Large Brass Candlestick with Candles
Woven Rattan Napkin Holder
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Extra Large Wicker Basket with Plastic Lining
Carved Wooden and Ceramic Dish
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Short Pebbled Brass Planter
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White Marble Candle Holders
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Extra Large Brass Pitcher Planter with Porcelain Handle
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MCM Coaster Set with Wooden Base
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Wooden Spiral Bowl
Marble Base Brass Bowl
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Industrial Magazine Rack
Brass Fluted Top Vase
Wicker Framed Circle Mirror
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Danish Style Magazine Rack
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Framed Charcoal Studio Sketch
Brass Swivel Plant Stand
Wicker Wheeled Cart With Handles
Woven Wrapped Clay Vase
Artisan Curl Wall Basket
Tiny Ceramic Chalice
Floral Etched Tray
Tall Brass Planter with Tassel
Short Fluted Top Sphere Brass Vase
White Powder Coated Metal Coat Rack
Steely Blue Wicker Magazine Basket
Short Brass Pitcher Vase
Mini Brass Spittoon Planter
Ivory Scallop Bowl with Blue Edge
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XL Double Ivory Macrame Plant Hanger
77 results