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Bon Mot Studio

By Jessica Price. Based in Chicago
Handmade | Small Batch | Women Owned | Chicago

Cheeky handmade art + trinkets for an oddly elegant good time. Delight is in the detail!

The process of creating handmade objects and paintings has always been a sacred space for creator Jessica Price. For her, it is a form of self care that is a necessity for maintaining balance for herself and a way to play, sift through memories, as well as emotions. 

Price has always been a collector of objects and materials that might get discarded by others for use in her work. For instance, the work she has been creating lately has incorporated scrap metal, vintage stone settings, mismatched/returned paint from hardware stores, and plastic shopping bags reimagined into surfaces for paintings among myriads of other looked over materials. These objects have always been the most accessible and become an opportunity to turn waste into something lovely. 

‘‘Thank you for taking the time to understand my work and some of what I am hoping to do with Bon Mot … ::)‘‘

Delight is in the details.

Instagram: @bon.mot.studio
Website: bonmotstudio.com