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Dot Cup

By Betsy Drach. Based in Chicago, IL.
Eco-friendly | Social Good Women Owned | Chicago


The buy-one-give-one menstrual cup. Zero Waste. Time to Period Better.

“The mission of Dot is to empower by providing the best period products to all.  No story should end with a period. But the devastating truth is, for thousands of people around the world, it does. On average, a menstruator in a developing nation will miss around 60 days of school each year due to a lack of access to menstrual hygiene products. No person should be forced to fall behind in school or work because of a natural and beautiful part of their human anatomy.

For every Dot Menstural cup purchased, one is given to someone in need, providing them with the opportunity to prioritize their education, work, and community involvement without shame or interruption.”

Instagram: @dotcup
Website: dotforall.com

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