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Freedomlei State of Mind

By Maria Rodriguez. Based in Pilsen, Chicago.
Eco-friendly | Handmade | Small Batch | Women Owned | Chicago | BIPOC Owned

After being diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and fibromyalgia, Maria became determined to find alternatives to western medicine in soothing her chronic illnesses. In researching natural treatments, she discovered medical cannabis and turned to creativity. 

During the height of the pandemic, Maria became a self-taught apothecary maker from bath bombs to soaps and from skincare products to meditation bundles selling them outside of her
 parent’s house in Pilsen. Thrilled in connecting with folks with similar struggles, she focused her energy on the community, supporting other local businesses and artists.

“Freedomlei State of Mind started as an idea but has grown into something much more than that. I really believe the sky's the limit and together we can make real positive change.”

Eco-friendly: Minimal packaging and sustainable, locally sourced ingredients.

Instagram: @freedomleistateofmind
Website: freedomleistateofmind.com

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