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Golden Grooming Co.

By Herman Moore. Based in Detroit, Michigan.
Organic | Handmade | Social GoodSmall Batch

All-Pro NFL wide receiver Herman Moore built Golden because he cared about how men looked and felt. Golden Grooming Co. mission is to help men that are on the journey to a healthier lifestyle by offering natural plant-based grooming products. These products were specifically designed for black men and other men of color but work fantastically great on all skin types. Golden products are made and shipped locally from Detroit, MI.

‘‘We're not just a minority-owned grooming company, we're in the business of empowerment - which is why 5% of all sales are donated to programs that foster entrepreneurship in youth from under-served communities as well as supporting HBCUs.‘‘


Instagram: @goldengroomingco

Website: goldengroomingco.com


Copy + photos by Golden Grooming Co.

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