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Kanso Design

By Brandon Wong and Alexander Pinto. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Eco-friendly | AAPI Owned 

‘‘Planters with a Purpose‘‘ 

Kanso (簡素) refers to the simplicity or elimination of clutter. It is an expression in a plain, simple, and natural manner. A philosophy in Japan that serves as a reminder for us that there is clarity achieved through the omission of the non-essential.

The materials used in Kanso pots come from a mixture of recycled plastics and agricultural byproducts that farmers would have thrown out like coffee bean husk, bamboo fiber, wheat husk. These are combined with other materials like natural stone and wood to completely change the nature of plastics into a biodegradable composite material that can also be recycled. 

Kanso pots can be recycled, but first check with your municipality to find out how to recycle hard PE plastics, as the regulations vary by location. In Canada, it is under the blue bin plastic #2 high-density polyethylene (HDPE).


Although operating a business is not always 100% sustainable, Kanso is doing it‘s best by having three sustainability certifications. They are Carbonzero Certified, part of the Business Social Compliance Initiative and also Global Recycled Standard Certified.

Why are Kanso pots produced in China?

‘‘Asia leads the world in the production of plastic waste as well as the mismanagement of plastic waste material. East Asia and Pacific regions account for over 60% of the mismanagement of plastic waste material.

Asia has built a sufficient waste management infrastructure to handle recycled wastes and turn them into resources for our pots. Currently, this is not accessible or sustainable in continents like Europe and North America.‘‘ 

Instagram: @kansodesigns
Website: kansodesigns.co


Photos and copy courtesy of Kanso Designs

Bamboo Fiber Mini Planter (Black)
Bamboo Fiber Mini Planter (White)
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