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Kelsey‘s Favs

Bon Mot Joint Jewelry
⁃ I love using my joint jewelry as a way to relax in style. It's a really fun way to elevate an ordinary experience and make it feel special. Plus it's cute!

Clyde's Rebirth Twisted Gold Stacking Rings
⁃ I love the stacking rings because they're so easy to wear. Sometimes I layer them with other rings and sometimes I wear them alone. The best thing about them is that they don't tarnish.

Inquire Within deck
⁃ I love the Inquire Within deck for daily guidance. I use it to ask for clarity on situations I'm in, and also just for daily affirmations. I like to pull a card with my daily coffee.

⁃ I love the baggu bags because they are so easy to grab and go. I love the Smiley face bag because it looks like a classic plastic bag. And I love the cat bag because it looks just like my cat!