Hood Opulence X Luz Magdaleno Flores

By Luz Magdaleno Flores. Based in Chicago, IL.

Luz is a first generation Chicana, living in Pilsen. As the daughter of Mexican migrants she became interested in photography in high school and today she organizes with Brown and Proud Press where she has found a community of artists who give her the space to explore her passion for publishing, writing, and photography without judgement. In the past couple of years, she has fallen in love with shooting 35mm film photography and uses dance as a parallel to the art she makes.  

Luz comes from a long lineage of Mexican tapiceros and spent time in her fathers and uncles upholstery shops carefully choosing fabrics that would speak to the opulent energy of her show. Together with her father, they matched thread to the art and sewed her unedited film captures onto the leftover fabric typically used in the detailed interiors of these carros clasicos.

‘‘My goal as an artist is to capture the beauty that prevails in marginalized communities... That vision has evolved in my time in Chicago, to capture the essence of black and brown barrios and also feature the resilient queer communities throughout cities in the United States and Mexico‘‘

Hood Opulence X Luz Magdaleno Flores
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