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By Éva Goicochea. Based in Brooklyn, New York.
Small Batch | Handmade | Women Owned | Eco-friendly | BIPOC Owned | Social Good

Maude is an essentials brand on a mission to make intimacy better for all people through quality, simplicity, and inclusivity. Working closely with familiar factories, each of maude's body-safe products are made to be both easy-to-use and to elevate an everyday experience through thoughtful design, transparent education, and accessible pricing.

Maude launched in 2018. In 2020, Dakota Johnson joined the team as an investor and Co-Creative Director. Together with our team and medical advisory board, we look forward to changing the industry and creating a company that stands for modern intimacy—all people welcome. 

Instagram: @getmaude
Website: getmaude.com


Copy credit to Maude

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