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Merl‘s Favs

Merl’s favs

Gua Sha + Face Oil
 ⁃ I love this for creating a soothing and relaxing nighttime ritual. The calming oil is perfectly moisturizing without feeling greasy or heavy and the gua sha ia functional and beautiful. Bonus points if you stick it in the fridge or freezer before hand for added depuffing. 

Golden Coast Incense
 ⁃ With notes of Eucalyptus, sea salt, redwood, and palo santo, these hand-dipped incense fill small and large spaces and feels like a warm hug, no matter the season.

Bath Bomb
 ⁃ Sick of those bath bombs that leave your skin feeling sticky and your tub stained? These magical CBD nuggets will soften to your skin to actual silk and leave you blissfully relaxed.. and the tub rinses clear, taking your stress and worries away with the suds. 

Nora Earrings 
 ⁃ I may be biased since I designed and handmade these.. but they truly are the perfect everyday, leave in and forget earrings. You can wear them 5 different ways and with 3 metal options, there’s enough possibilities for even us Geminis ;)

Nora Earrings
From $ 17.00