Powers Handcrafted

By Maranda Powers. Based in Pilsen, Chicago.

Handmade jewelry inspired by science & natural history, dedicated to creating high quality work with timeless style to be worn and loved for years. 

“I design jewelry to inspire curiosity and spark conversation. My jewelry tells a story about the world and about the women who wear it. Women who love science, science fiction, and the natural world, who are confident in their style, who value hand made things and seek quality over quantity."

Instagram: @powers_handcrafted_jewelry
Website: powershandcrafted.com
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Iapetus Ring
Septa Cuff Bracelet
Costae Ring
Double Orbit Hoops
Time Loop Earrings
Ecdysis Stud Earrings
Rubber Hoops
Rubber Hoops
From $ 72.00
Orbital Hoops
Orbital Hoops
From $ 78.00
Ecdysis Cuff Bracelet