Art by Rhett of Melee Range

Our featured artist for May / June 2021 is Rhett (they/them), a Chicago-based queer creative powered by fantasy and nature. They are drawn to illustration and creating worlds for themself and others to escape into. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design, they have focused on their specialty in concept sketching and illustration skills.

Rhett loves reimagining animals, plants, and people in fantastical and sometimes odd ways. Their work aims to embody the spirit of the ‘solar punk’ genre, imaging the near future in a more optimistic manner while being cognizant of our current reality. 

“My work allows people to escape to a more interesting and fantastical reality and at its best it opens up the door to imagine ourselves & the world around us for the better.”

Art is available for purchase and viewing during our shop hours Wednesday to Sunday 11am - 6pm or online.

Instagram: @in_melee_range

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Art by Rhett of Melee Range
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Lunar Moth Print
Lunar Moth Print
From $ 18.00
Horned Marten (Framed)
Warm Grey - Oyster Mushrooms Print
Wishbone (Framed)
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Big Horned Sheep Sweetie (Framed)
Mutant Jackalope Print
Cecropia Moths (Framed)
Pink - Oyster Mushrooms Print
Fantasy Mood Succulent Print
Vampire Frog (Framed)
Lunar Moth (Framed)
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