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Rosy Rings

By Founder Shannon Cumberland and co-owner Allie Liebgott.
Based in Denver, Colorado
Handmade | Women Owned | Small Batch | Eco-friendly

Bring seasonal scents indoors with hand-poured candle and fragrance collections by Rosy Rings. A craft-focused brand that combines intoxicating aromas with real botanicals + lovely packaging to bring the loveliest of nature's motifs to every home.

Combining carefully sourced materials, from fine fragrances to hand-blown glass, with real botanicals to create an experience to elevate any space. The designs are each individual and unique; true to their botanical origins, no two products are – or should be – identical.

All candles are hand poured with a coconut wax blend and are lovingly hand crafted by the artisan staff in Colorado.

Instagram: @rosyrings
Website: rosyrings.com

Copy courtesy of Rosy Rings + photo by Jimena Peck 

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