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SARAH ANN CONNER (She/Her) | Spring Gallery Show 2023 
Specialties: printmaker, watercolor, Collage

Artist Statement

Sarah Conner is a Chicago-based printmaker, watercolorist, and collage artist whose improvisational practice engages the abstract. Her embossed monoprints and other works on paper reveal a deeply textural style. She joins dualities of sharp and soft with investigations of depth and relief, layering and blending color, line, and shape, defining and obscuring edges.

“I am attracted to complex processes. When multiple nuanced steps lead to an outcome, there are multiple possibilities for affecting that outcome, and if you are free to explore those possibilities without attachment to a specific goal, you can make unexpected discoveries. I consider materials, composition, and mood and then create an environment where I can experiment and explore. I never anticipate a specific result.”


Website: sarahconner.com