Secondary Objects

By Vanessa Rodriguez of the Shudio. Based in Chicago,IL.

Curated vintage & thrifted home goods focused on glassware and funky additions to your home.

Instagram: @shop.secondaryobjects 
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Danish Style Magazine Rack
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Wooden Base Wicket Basket
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CC Floral Button Down Skirt
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Vintage Candelabra
Flat Rattan Handled Basket
Wooden Candlestick Set with Candles
Classic 70s Vintage Shoulder Luggage (as-is)
Vintage Rattan Plant Stand (L)
Vintage Push-Up Candlestick
Tickets Tan Linen Dress with Front Pockets
Natural Wooden Basket with Rope Detail
Large Tricolor Woven Detail Basket
Large Woven Basket with Handles
Aged Patina Metal Vase Set
CC Silk Floral Button Down Dress
Set of Short Candlesticks
Set of Large Brass Candlestick with Candles
Footed Etched Brass Flat Dish
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Heart Stamped Brass Basket
Set of 3 Short Candlesticks
MCM Coaster Set with Wooden Base
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White Marble Vase
White Marble Candle Holders
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Marble Base Brass Bowl
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Industrial Magazine Rack
Wooden Spiral Bowl
Wicker Wheeled Cart With Handles
Woven Wrapped Clay Vase
Artisan Curl Wall Basket
Floral Etched Tray
Tall Brass Planter with Tassel
Steely Blue Wicker Magazine Basket
Short Brass Pitcher Vase
Ivory Scallop Bowl with Blue Edge
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