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Sophie‘s Favs

Soph's Faves:

Nara Calming Face Oil
⁃ My skin loves to wreck havoc—having cystic hormonal acne breakouts is really painful at times where my skin just gets worked up and this calming oil really communicates well with my skin: calm down! In general, it really nourishes the skin and I'll layer it between my retinol topicals to buffer my sensitive skin.

⁃ Never have I ever had such an 'aesthetic' sex toy as the Vibe from Maude—a very inclusive + health education based brand. Their products are high-quality and beautiful while still being affordable—but even so who can put a price on a very fun form of self-care!

Permanent Jewelry
⁃ Done in-house by Merl! I honestly wasn't too sure about a bracelet on all the time at first—but I absolutely love mine! The fact it's seamless/clasp-less makes it barely-there/not annoying and it's just a cool, subtle body-accent.

Swell Incense Cones
⁃ I love the smell of these so much I burn them inside my closet so the scent seeps into my clothes!