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Tony‘s Favs

Stacking Rings
-As someone who loves wearing a full hand of rings quite often these are my go-to when trying to add that little bit of emphasis without making my hand feel cluttered. I gravitate towards the smooth silver rings, and I’ll usually do a double stack on one finger with a midi just past my knuckle.

Poppy and Pout Scrub+Balm 
-When the seasons change, be it spring to summer or fall to winter my lips always tend to get dry, so these scrubs are a life saver. I use them once a week just after I shower and I pair it with the lip balm. I use the sweet mint scrub+balm because I love that subtle tingle I get after applying.

Zero Waste Pot
-I knew the moment I saw the Zero Waste pots by Ivy Mane I needed one. The colors, while subtle, are stunning. I love how each pot is 100% unique, not just because they’re handmade, but also because they’re made with repurposed clay. So I get that feeling of having a pot that no one else can say they have.

Honey Tobacco Sunray Glass Candle
-I have a special place in my heart for any fragrance that includes tobacco, so off the bat I love the Honey Tobacco candle by Rosy Rings. The packaging makes it all that much better. The amber glass jar is so simple yet so beautiful, plus the brass lid doubles as a stand. This candle just has it all.

Incense Holder by Hagelsieb
-Something that has always kept me from buying incense is that the holder I had would never catch the ash, and it would just fall onto whatever surface I had the holder on. Hagelsieb’s holder has so much room to collect all of the ash I never have to worry about cleaning up a mess once the incense stick finishes burning. Not to mention that they have such unique and beautiful design and color options, my favorite is definitely the salmon color.

Honey Tobacco Sunray Glass Candle