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Ve‘s Fav

 ⁃ This plant light needs are similar to mine, bright indirect light in summer and partial sun in cooler months. The flowing cascade of tiny hearts look beautiful in any home.

 ⁃ Love, love, love these rings! The multi ⁃ facetted finish makes them catch the light beautifully. They stack effortlessly to create a statement look or can be worn on their own for a classic style. They are made of high quality Gold-Fill so you can shower in them, sleep in them, and even workout in them! 

 ⁃ This earthy scent is a perfect base and pairs well with any perfume. It‘s spicy with  peppermint, and cinnamon, warm with middle notes of cedarwood and clove, and the perfect clean musk with notes of patchouli, and vanilla. 

 ⁃ This combo is my preferred way of putting my hair up and out of my face! The hair circle and pin combo securely hold my hair, I swear I can headbang in this thing!! It never leaves a crease in my hair like a conventional hair tie might and it makes even a plain ponytail look chic and elevated. I also love playing around with placement. When I secure my hair in a top bun and release it a few hours later, I am left with beautiful subtle waves without adding any heat to my hair. If you're unsure about this product,  come on in and I'll show you a demo.

 ⁃ Ok these little cones are potent! haha! They smell very minty in the tin but once you burn them you‘ll find that they fill the air with a harmonious and balance scent. This is one of four from P.F. Candle‘s Alchemy Incense Cone Collection and is here only for a limited time.
Hammered Gold-Fill Stacking Ring
Palo Santo Botanical Parfum