Wicker Vintage Home Goods

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Large Intricate Wicker Basket with Lid
Tan and Brown Woven Basket
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Steely Blue Wicker Magazine Basket
Rattan Basket with Lining
Woven Wrapped Clay Vase
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Artisan Curl Wall Basket
Wicker Framed Circle Mirror
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Wicker Wheeled Cart With Handles
Woven Rattan Napkin Holder
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Woven Shallow Rattan Basket
Extra Large Wicker Basket with Plastic Lining
Two Tiered Wicker Shelving
Red and Brown Wicker Lidded Basket as is
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Large Woven Basket with Handles
Large Tricolor Woven Detail Basket
Wooden Base Wicket Basket
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Rattan Apple Lidded Basket
Woven Rattan Vase
Light Tan Rattan Lidded Basket
Braided and Woven Wicker Basket
Plastic Lined Woven Honey Wicker Basket
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Dark Honey Wicker Basket
Dark Brown Plastic Lined Woven Wicker Basket
Vintage Rattan Plant Stand (L)
Flat Rattan Handled Basket