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Worthwhile Paper

By Kristen Drozdowski. Based in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Handmade | Women Owned | Small Batch | Eco-friendly | Social Good


Worthwhile Paper is a collection of lively screen printed paper goods for lovers of nature, magic and meaningful design. All of our designs are thoughtfully hand drawn and printed with love, recycled paper & earth-friendly materials in Ypsilanti, Michigan. In every design you will find a a unique blend of nature & minimalism, combining the likes of simple shapes, bold patterns, symbolism, nature, and love. Worthwhile Paper plants one tree for each order in partnership with a non-profit.

 We’re a small, but conscientious, team that crafts and prints each Worthwhile Paper piece by hand. Inspired by the beauty of simplicity, artist Kristen Drozdowski creates each one of our designs. Kristen's partner Steve expertly translates their original designs to the screen printing medium and produces each product by hand.

Instagram: @worthwhilepaper
Website: worthwhilepaper.com


Copy + photo courtesy of Worthwhile Paper

I'm Here for You If You Need Me Card