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At The Shudio, we encourage conscious consumerism and strive to make eco-friendly shopping more approachable by offering a myriad of ways to go green. You’ll be greeted with a friendly face and “welcome in!” from our team when you enter.  As your eyes gaze upon the brass, wicker, clay, and natural textiles lining the shelves, you'll experience a sense of ease that we call the Shudio effect. It may be largely the plants, but we like to take a bit of credit too. 

We pride ourselves on collaborating with small brands whose values align our own, making everything in the shop a curated collection, vetted and loved by the owner and the staff. Our modern goods consist of candles, incense and skincare in addition to our in house, handmade jewelry crafted by Shudio owner, Merl Kinzie. Plants adorn our walls and shelves. Ready to make your home a lush oasis? Just ask and we’ll spill all our plant care secrets! We also pride ourselves on being an accessible introduction towards the larger vintage community in Chicago. We focus on natural textiles and classic silhouettes that easily slide into wardrobes both vintage and modern. 

Can't wait to see you on your next trip to Pilsen, you're sure to find something wonderful for yourself and a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.