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The Team

Meet Our Team!


MERL (she / her) Owner + Designer

MERL (she / her)
Owner + Designer
Gemini | @clydesrebirth
Merl founded The Shudio over 5 years ago with the goal of showing people the many ways you can be a greener consumer and still feel modern and fresh. She loves to talk sustainability anytime, anywhere and about any topic within that umbrella. She's our resident cat lady, even naming her in house jewelry line after her beloved late cat bff Clyde, and in warm weather you're likely to find her mothering some baby kittens in the studio. She loves learning new words, discovering introspective podcasts and Lizzo dance breaks. She admits to being a human alocasia who thrives in bright light and hates hovering attention, but her favorite plant is the humble pothos for it's myriad of colorways and easy propogation. Merl's home and wardrobe are filled with thrifted, one of a kind treasures and she further practices her mantra of conscious consumerism by living a vegetarian life, and supporting other small businesses. 

VE (she / her) Web Manager + Product Photography Leo

VE (she / her)
Web Manager + Product Photography


TONY (he / him) Shop Manager + Visual Merchandizing  Gemini

TONY (he / him)
Shop Manager + Events Coordinator