Potting Soil

$ 2.00

This soil mix is perfect for all thirst trap tropical indoor plants as it retains moisture while allowing for adequate drainage.


  • Perfect for small projects! Use only what you need.
  • Prepared & bagged in-house.
  • Available for refill (local & in-store only): After your first decorative rock purchase, bring the empty bag back for 5% off a refill on the original item.


  • Small: 0.5 lb | Enough to pot a couple 2-3" pots or a single 4" pot 
  • Medium:  1.5 lbs | Pot up a couple 4" pots or a single 6" pot 
  • Large: 4.5 lbs | Pot multiple 4" pots, a few 6" pots or one large 8" pot