4” Speckled White + Beige Pedestal Planter in Boomerang

$ 45.00
These cute pedestal planters were thrown on the potter's wheel and decorated by hand. They feature a drainage hole, and are unglazed on the inside to allow for proper root aeration and to help prevent root rot. This style of planter is suited for most kinds of indoor houseplants, succulents included! This planter bowl measures 2.25" deep and 4" wide, and is most suitable for small houseplants and succulents. Please allow up to 1/4" variation in dimension in bowl dimensions and up to 1/2" variation in pedestal measurements.

Planter Dimensions:
Planter: 2.25" tall, 4" wide, 4" deep
Pedestal: 1" tall, 4" wide, 4" deep