5” Sutton Self-Watering Pot in White Dolomite

$ 29.00

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The Sutton Self-Watering Planter is a favorite thanks to its versatile charm and pleasing proportions designed specifically for trailing and cascading plants. This footed planter also contains a patented sub-irrigation system that allows plants to drink from the roots, just as nature intended. Never overwater your houseplants again!

  • Material: glazed ceramic.
  • Diameter: 5.00”
  • Width: 6.00”, Height: 4.75” 
  • Includes aeration stones and a sub-irrigation insert.
  • For further information, read How To Use Our Self-Watering Planters.

1. Place the sub-irrigation insert inside the planter. Pour the included aeration stones over the insert until it is covered.

2. Repot your plant into your new planter, aligning the top lip of the planter and allowing for a half inch to an inch of clearance.

3. Add soil to fill your planter and gently compact it to ensure the plant is secure in the pot. Water the soil thoroughly and set the planter on the provided saucer reservoir.

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