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$ 5.50

Candle Making Workshop

$ 60.00

Saturday, February 10th
12:00 - 2:00 pm

Join The SHUDIO and Itotiani for a wholesome morning of candle making, self love, and fun in preparation for Valentines Day. 

This will be a heartfelt candle-making workshop centered around intention, love and community.

Class will be taught by Alondra Ramos from Itotani

Workshop Description: 

  • Create your own custom teacup candle, radiating love, perfect as a gift to yourself, lover or friend.
  • Set your intentions for self-love, affirmations, loving wishes, or whatever resonates with your heart.
  • Choose a scent that best describes your love, and adorn the tops with dried flowers, and wax roses, feel free to bring crystals as add-ons too.
  • Walk away with introductory knowledge and skills on a candle-making journey at home.
  • A wholesome Saturday morning, connecting with beautiful souls, tapping into your creativity, and guided by Itotiani’s candle intentions
  • Itotiani’s Valentine’s Day cards, flowers, and othering offerings will be available for purchase, message Itotiani to preorder any of these items

    Artist Bio

Itotiani began as a means for creative expression and exploration with the focus on candle making in vintage tea cups inspired by sustainability. Through my own wellness and self love journey, my brand has evolved into an art form focused on self love, softness and community. Some of the mediums I explore are candle making, installations, florals, and journaling. My intentions for any workshop or event that I host is to focus on creating community and safe spaces that flourish creativity


As a thank you, all workshop attendees will receive 20% off any purchases made during their visit at the shop for this event. This discount cannot be combined with any additional discounts or used in conjunction with reward points.