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Geranium Moss

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Alchemy Incense Cone Collection by P.F. Candle

A connection blend to soak up the present moment, with notes of soft sage, ginger root, lavender, and patchouli. Inspired by overgrown wildflowers rooted in fresh earth, formulated with upcycled cedarwood and sustainable patchouli.

  • 30 cones per box
  • Approx. 25-minute burn-time per cone
  • Gold metal lids that function as burners
  • 2.7 oz

Eco-friendly information

  • Packaged in recyclable black paper tubes
  • Product Materials: Vegan
  • Production: Carbon neutral, Cruelty-free, and Sustainably sourced


Our wood-based incense cones are hand-dipped into fine fragrance oils at our Los Angeles factory P.F. Candle team.

photo + copy credit to P.F. Candle