Iapetus Ring

The specimen used to create this cast was a Proetida Trilobite from Morocco. This was the last order of trilobites to go extinct, about 252 million years ago. 

The name was taken from the Iapetus Ocean, which existed 400-600 million years ago and was populated with a variety of trilobites. The study of those trilobite fossils provided evidence of the closure of the Iapetus Ocean and gave early support for the theory of Continental Drift.

  • brass cast of a genuine trilobite fossil
  • sterling silver setting and band with a lightly oxidized matte finish
  • available in half sizes 4-11
  • the trilobite measures 5/8" tall
As brass reacts with oxygen it will begin to tarnish. On some people, that tarnish can stain the skin leaving a temporary greenish discoloration. Keeping your jewelry clean and dry will reduce the amount of oxidation/discoloration.

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Type: Rings

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