Liquid Seaweed

$ 10.00
contents: Full Bottle

Keep your plant beauties healthy with our NEW refillable plant care items.

Liquid seaweed is a great all-purpose fertilizer that is gentle enough for all your indoor plants, with extracts that initiate cell growth and vigorous root and stem growth. The N-P-K [Nitrogen (N); Phosphorus (P) and Calcium (K)] rating of this product is 0-0-1.


  • 4 oz of concentrated Maxicrop liquid seaweed  
  • Amber glass bottle with black fine rib phenolic cap
  • Available for refill (local & in-store only): After your first plant care purchase, bring our empty jar/glass back for 50% off a refill on the original item.


1. Mix 1 oz seaweed to 1-gallon water
2. Make sure seaweed is mixed in well before watering
3. Water thoroughly. Make sure the topsoil gets wet + water drains from the bottom.

Watch our Plant Care video using the granules here!