Mental Health Journal

$ 15.00

Mental Health Daily Journal is designed to help track the state of your mental health each day through noting medication changes and by journaling about any fluctuating feelings and habits.

Acknowledging the good days and the not-so-good days helps support our mental health journey. By keeping track of the changes in our life we are better able to understand our patterns and how changes in our external and internal world can affect our mental health for better or for worse.

Using this journal can also assist the health care professionals aiding you on your journey. With details on how medication, supplements, activities and daily circumstances are serving your mental health, health care professionals can better understand your internal world as you navigate your mental health journey one day at a time and therefore be able to treat you accordingly.

This journal includes a template on each page where you can keep track of your medication, supplements and daily routines followed by lines for you write about how you are feeling. It also includes information on tracking your own personal biorhythm cycles to serve as an additional medium to understanding your mind-body health. This Mental Health Daily Journal is designed to encourage you to write every day so it includes over 365 templates. This journal would make a great gift for anyone who may be suffering from a multitude of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. It would also make a great gift for anyone interested in keeping a daily journal whether or not they struggle with mental health problems!


Available in:

Pink, Black or Blue and soon to be mini options!