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$ 11.00

Neem Oil

$ 6.00

Keep your plant beauties healthy with our NEW refillable plant care items. 
Neem oil is great for not only moisturizing your plant's leaves but also acts as a natural pest deterrent.


  • 1 oz 30 mL of concentrated, organic, cold-pressed Neem oil
  • Amber glass bottle with glass dropper
  • Available for refill (local & in-store only): After your first plant care purchase, bring our empty jar/glass back for 50% off a refill on the original item.


1. Dilute neem oil OR wet a clean towel with water + apply a couple of droplets of neem oil
2. Gently wipe down the tops of leaves, all the nooks, crannies + undersides

Watch our Plant Care video using neem oil here!

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