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Permanent Jewelry

$ 80.00

Introducing Permanent Jewelry from Clyde's Rebirth!

Featuring your choice of solid 14k yellow gold chain, or 14k white gold chain perfectly sized for your wrist and safely welded to live with you every day. These chains will not tarnish, react negatively with your skin, or set off metal detectors. They look beautifully delicate on their own, but of course stack effortlessly with 2, 3 or.. more!

Book your appointment from the date + time slots provided; if there are no slots available, it means we are booked up and will announce our next round of open dates + times on our Instagram.


  • To book your appointment, we require a non refundable $80 deposit that will be put towards your final cost. We will work with you to reschedule should something arise, and that $80 will be held for your future appointment total balance.
  • The chains range in final price from $90-$170 depending on style.
  • Your appointment includes a brief jewelry consultation to pick from our variety of chains, so make sure to arrive on time to ensure you have adequate time to choose.
  • Please let the jeweler know if you have any metal plates or subcutaneous mechanical or electrical devices in the body where you are getting the jewelry attached.
  • This process is painless, and the actual welding takes less than 10 seconds. We will provide tinted safety glasses to protect the customer's eyesight if they choose to watch the process.
  • Customers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


*While we say 'permanent,' these chains can safely be removed with a strong scissors or clippers in case of emergency or medical procedure. We offer 1 free reattachment session