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Tillandsia Xerographica

$ 12.00

Xerographica can be found naturally in El Salvador, Guatemala, and some parts of southern Mexico. They come from arid, desert environments and often go half a year + with zero rainfall. Most of the moisture that Xerographica take in comes from morning dew. Due to these extreme conditions, Xerographica are slower growing and can live many many years.


  • Mini seedling measures 3-5" wide, medium measures 7-8" wide.
  • Can handle bright indirect light, but needs to be monitored with full sun exposure to ensure the plant isn't burning.
  • Mist daily [or at least 3-5x a week], and dunk 2-3 times in lukewarm tap water. We don't recommend soaking this variety as it can too easily become water logged + rot.  Dunk in water every 7-10 days in winter and every 5-7 days in summer, then set upside down to dry.

Photos are general representations of plants, the one you order may appear differently, but will be the same roughly shape + size.