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How to Wear a Hairpin

How to Wear a Hairpin

What is a hairpin
Hairpins are used as a way to secure a person's hair out of their face.

At The SHUDIO, shop Owner Merl Kinzie handmakes hairpins from Hand-formed recycled brass in the shop's studio, for her in-house line, Clyde's Rebirth. These beautiful hairpins elegantly hold your hair in place and allow variety when it comes to styling. 

What hairpins are available at The SHUDIO 
Her collection carries two different styles of hairpins. We have the Squiggle Hairpin and the Circle and Pin Combo.

The Squiggle Hairpin is a single long U-shaped brass pin with either a squiggle design on one side or both sides of the long U-shape and is offered in 2 sizes: small (4.5") and large (6.5").

The Circle and Pin Combo consist of two parts: a long U-shaped Brass pin and a brass circle that work together to keep the hairstyle in place. This combo is offered in  3 sizes: small (3.75" pin, 2.25" diameter), medium (4.25" pin, 2.5" diameter), large (4.75" pin, 2.75" diameter) each side is made with a hammered texture on one side and a smooth texture on the opposite. 

Choosing a Hairpin These hairpins have a minimalist design that make them unisex and can be used by different types of hair textures and lengths. All hairpins will work but if you're unsure as to which will work best for you we have some recommendations you might want to consider. If you have thick hair or very long hair, we recommend the large Squiggle Hairpin and the medium to large Circle and pin combo sizes. For wavy hair or medium length hair, the small Squiggle and medium circle and pin combo will work really well. If you have fine or short hair, then we recommend the small Circle and pin combo as it will be the best way to securely hold the short haircut. 

Wearing your Hairpin Check out our Instagram Reel to see how we love to use our hairpins! You can use the single pin to create styles such as an elegant French twist, a low bun, a half bun or half up twist where as with the circle and pin combo is excellent for hairstyles that have layers since the brass circle will help keep all those layers in place. Use them together to create beautiful top buns, low buns and ponytails or use separately, the medium + large size circles can be worn as bracelets while the pin is in your hair. 

If you're still feeling some confusion as to which would be the best fit then come by the shop. We really enjoy doing in store demos and will be happy to show you how to use these on your own hair.