Sage Ceramic Lotus Candlestick
Large Intricate Wicker Basket with Lid
Etched Brass Vase with Red Inlay
Small Brass Basket with Twisted Handle

Start Spring right with these D.I.Y. Seed Bombs!

“En Tu Casa” is a bimonthly workshop series focused on D.I.Y. crafts for your home using materials you may already have or what you can find in your own neighborhood.

I N C L U D E S :
Can Make Up to 3 Small Seed Bombs

» Air Dry Clay
» Potting Soil
» Sends

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Airplane Spider Plant
Alocasia Polly
Alocasia Polly
From $ 18.00
Black Coral Snake Plant
Nora Earrings
Nora Earrings
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Hammered Gold-Fill Stacking Ring
Smooth Gold-Fill Stacking Ring
Hammered Sterling Silver Stacking Ring