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✨Meet the Maker |  Amanda Christine Harth✨

✨Meet the Maker | Amanda Christine Harth✨

Amanda Christine Harth is a teaching artist, researcher, and entrepreneur who understands that pleasing aromas can produce a sense of calm, ignite passions, lift the spirit, and trigger nostalgic memories. Attaching meaning to scents means that with a simple ritual such lighting a candle in your home you can set intentionality and be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment or the space to reconnect with gratitude.

Amanda brings these points together in her brand Universe of Harth, a Fragrance house and Scent Lab, that began during lock down 2020. The brand has now evolved into a collection of slow burning soy wax candles and room sprays that encapsulates a room in a beautiful scent and brings you back to a nostalgic memory.
’’When we awaken these memories, we often feel a greater sense of belonging, meaning, and security (through) uniquely curated sensory experiences.’’
In October we had the pleasure of hosting Amanda for a group aroma session where we got to learn first hand the importance of choosing scents that speak to you and balancing these fragrance notes in a hand poured candle.
You can find Amanda's candles at The Shudio, Embrh and Chicago Athletic Assoc. 
  • ‘HOUSE’ is a little sweet, woody, and smokey. A reminder that your home is sacred and should be a place of peace.
  • PREQUEL TO SUMMER has Neroli,  Jasmine, and Gardenia. With the two key scents Gardenia and Jasmine being inspired by her relationship with her twin sister.
  • CENTRE COURT has Vetiver, Lavender and Sage. A fragrance  inspired by Harth’s love for tennis.
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