Urban Macrame Fibers

Urban Macrame Fibers is a Chicago-based company by Kenyatta Forbes, a multi-disciplinary artist who uses her own experiences in exploration of fiber as a lease for understanding the world. Using a mixture of traditional hand techniques like weaving, knotting, sewing, and leather making, she combines elements to create narratives. Focusing more on process that completion, pieces are not planned but born and developed over time. Seeing her practice as a component to mindfulness, she uses the meditative nature of fiber play to form connections to the past, present, and future.

Instagram: @urbanmacramefibers
Website: urbanmacramefibers.com
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Cotton + Wooden Bead Macrame Hanger
Black + Tan Bead Macrame Hanger
Honey Marble Bead Macrame Hanger
Natural + Gold Bead Macrame Hanger