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Feeding People Through Plants

Feeding People Through Plants, is a group organized by Plants Delivered Chicago founder Andy Robledo. Its mission is to organize plant lovers and plant shops alike to use their passion for plants to fuel the fight against hunger and food insecurity across the Chicago area! PDC has partnered with The Greater Chicago Food Depository to help bring food, dignity and hope to our neighbors across Chicago and Cook County by pledging to run food drives and advocate on behalf of great organizations like GCFD to use our platforms for the greatest amount of good. Through our “Feeding People Through Plants” initiative, we have already provided over 19,000 meals to families in need in the city we love! Communities of color have been hardest hit by hunger and food insecurity during this pandemic and the need for nourishing food has never been greater than right now.

We at The Shudio believe that everyone should have access to safe, healthy and soul affirming food, and we are honored to join Andy + PDC in supporting the Greater Chicago Food Depository mission. If you are able to redistribute some funds, please use the link below to help out those in need!