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Sitting in the Sill

The world of conscious consumerism is vast and many times, intimidating. The Shudio pearls, lead by the founder Merl will delve deep into all facets of sustainable living with guests ranging from fellow small business owners, to 'green' minded creatives and environmental policy makers alike to provide a multitude of eco friendly resources for listeners. Kermit is wrong.. it's really quite easy to be green.


Episode 4 / Welcome back! With interviewing guests in person out of the picture right now, we've decided to start recording mini episodes with our Shudio staff, the Pearls. 

First up: thrifting. We share our mindset, individual processes, and deep dark secrets of competitive shopping. 


Episode 3 / This month's episode was prerecorded in January with Merl's dear friend Maresa of Dusty Rose Vintage, Our Damn Selves, Dusty Friends and because she wasn't busy enough with those AND popping out a real life baby, she started Gold Dust Projects, a sustainably focused event company! A regular Jill of all the damn trades. Maresa and Merl discuss everything from the wild west origins of fashion blogging to what the definition of thrifting is, and come to realization that they are in fact, not spring chickens anymore.


Episode 2 / This month's episode involved 2/3 of the Pearls -Merl and Jo- as they sat down with Elena and Jonathan, the founders of 18th & Wood. They've been laser focused since the inception of their brand, building a business based on 90's minimalist vintage and reworked streetwear that has dedicated customers all over the world. We delve into the intentional origins of their company, whether Shopify is sponsoring us, and the importance of putting in the work to build something meaningful. 


An Intro /  Episode 1 /  Merl sits down with her shop managers, Trees and Jo, to kick things off by digging into their past experiences that have led them to pursue a sustainable lifestyle. They reference everything from homemade NIKE gear to Nordstrom's newest venture into second hand fashion.