Soap Distillery

By Danielle Martin. Based in Chicago, IL.

Cocktail inspired good for the eco-conscious badass.

“Danielle was inspired by a lack of diversity between scented soaps found at my local health food stores and decided to take things into my own hands. 

After teaching myself the ins and outs of soap making and cosmetic science, I began making my own soap. While drinking an Old Fashioned during a conversation about scent, I came up with the idea to scent my products like cocktails to truly stand out from the crowd. Now, several years later, Soap Distillery's small team of four creates a myriad of uniquely unisex scented products that our customers love. 

We take sustainability serious here, so you'll find most the products that I produce are plastic free. Our soap boxes are biodegradeable, and we do not use essential oils that are unsustainable to produce (think: sandalwood, palo santo, etc). Along with donating to local organizations like the Broadway Youth Center every year, we make sure that fun products like ours can also serve an important purpose, and a positive message to our fans and beyond!”

Instagram: @soapdistillery
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Beer + Cigarettes Soap Bar
Lavender Bitters Soap Bar
Bourbon Soap Bar
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Tequila Shot Soap Bar
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Elderflower Mimosa Soap Bar
Limoncello Soap Bar
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Negroni Soap Bar
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Long Island Iced Tea Soap Bar
Earl Grey Soap Bar
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Aviation Soap Bar
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