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Tea Time Over

By Lavina and Lidia. Based in Avondale, Chicago.
Small Batch | HandmadeEco-friendly Women Owned | BIPOC Owned | Chicago | LGBTQIA2S+

“In 2016 my aunt sent me a box of handmade soap for Christmas. As an adult this was treasure. Comparable to toys and candy as a child. As we grow up the things we begin to desire are things that are useful. I’d never used handmade soaps before. Going forward I decided to ditch the paraben and sulfate store bought soap and just use the precious bars that had been gifted to me. I remember getting down to the last bar and feeling devastatingly sad. I didn’t want to go back to the commercial soaps again so...I asked her to teach me. From that moment on I’ve began making soap.”

Instagram: @teatimeover
Website: etsy.com/shop/TeaTimeOver

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