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How to set up Plant Straws?

  1. Water your plant and moisten the cord before setup to start the flow from vase to plant.

  2. Place one end of the Plant Straw in the vase, and the other in the plant. Plant Straws are asymmetric to allow for a variety of setups, so you can use either end in your plant!

  3. To minimize evaporation, place the end of the metal tube at least 3 cm (1 in) into the plant soil.

  4. Adjust the moisture level by placing a shorter or longer length of the cord in the pot and refill the vase regularly.

The straw to the cord: without you I'm nothing! 💔 

The straw works double shifts: it also stops the water that's led through the cord from evaporating into the surrounding air instead of going into your plant.
The cord conducts the water. Plant Straws work through capillary action which slowly moves water from the wet to the drier side. The capillary action will make sure the cord stays moist. Adjust the moisture level by adjusting the length of cord in the soil. 
Wash, cut down, or replace cord as it wears out over time. Use a nylon thread to guide the cord through the tube.

Copy + photos by Plantstraws.