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7" Black Bamboo Fiber Planter Pot

$ 26.00

Our 7” Bamboo Fiber Planters brings your favorite natural textures to a larger silhouette. The black charcoal tone is perfect with pairing with light color decor for a contrasting look. For a simple, elegant look, pair with a dark foliage plant like a Zz Plant.


  • 7in Width x 6in Height
  • (7in Opening | 5in Bottom)
  • 8.5" base-width x  11" height
  • Includes drainage hole 
  • Drainage Dish
  • Dish Measurements: 7.5in Width x 1.5in Height
  • Indoor Use Only 


  • Bamboo Fiber
  • Non-Toxic Formaldehyde-Free Resin
  • Porous  
  • Hand Finished 



Photos and copy courtesy of Kanso Designs

*Plants are NOT included in purchase. Shop plants here