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Gnatrol granules

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Gnatrol is a larvicide, it will not control adult flies or gnats, but is designed to kill the larva before hatching. Though the adults only live roughly 7 days, they can lay hundreds of eggs, turning a simple annoyance into a major issue in a short time. By eradicating the eggs, you can easily treat the adults efficiently and quickly. 

Sold in a 1 oz bottle, approx 5.5 teaspoons / uses per jar


  • For light infestations: mix .25 to .50 teaspoons per gallon of water

  • For heavy infestations: mix .75 to 1.5 teaspoons per gallon of water

  • Make sure to thoroughly water the infested plant to ensure all larva and pupa are affected. 

  • Repeat watering with Gnatrol once a week as long as infestation is visible. 

  • Use Gnatrol mixture within 3 days. Mix less than you think you'll need, as you can always mix more, but don't want to waste blend if not needed. 

  • While Gnatrol is safe to use on edible plants, stop using it a day or two before harvesting any plants. Wear protective PPE to avoid inhaling any dust from the granules, and thoroughly rinse eyes or hands if any powder gets on/in them.