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Tillandsia Baileyi x Streptophylla

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Tillandsia baileyi x streptophylla has a slightly bulbous base and semi-curly leaves densely covered in trichomes.. It has soft, curling leaves that are silvery in color and when in bloom, pink bracts and purple tubular flowers sprout from the center of the plant.


  • measures approx 4-5" tall and roughly 5-6" wide
  • Can handle bright indirect light, but needs to be monitored with full sun exposure to ensure the plant isn't burning.
  • Mist daily [or at least 3-5x a week], and submerge ever 7-10 days in winter and every 5-7 days in summer in luke warm water for about 10-15 min, then set upside down to dry.

Photos are general representations of plants, the one you order may appear differently, but will be the same roughly shape + size.