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Tillandsia Peruvian Spanish Moss

$ 23.00

This a curly, rare form of spanish moss originally from Peru. The soft, silver green leaves have tight curls and when blooming it produces tiny, scented, orange flowers. These tend to clump denser because of their curls so make sure to give this one lots of air flow. This is a living plant, not dried or preserved!


  • measures approx 15-20" long
  • Can handle bright indirect light, but needs to be monitored with full sun exposure to ensure the plant isn't burning.
  • We recommend misting daily [or at least 3-5x a week] and giving it a soak in lukewarm tap water every 7-10 days in winter, and everything 4-6 days in summer.

Photos are general representations of plants, the one you order may appear differently, but will be the same roughly shape + size.